A Ziploc plastic bag.

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My in-laws just got back from their vacation in Russia. They go on an organized tour every year to someplace in Europe and have always gone on bus. This year, they went to Russia on an airplane. It was Bruno’s first time on a plane and a train.

We were left in charge of everything at home. Peaches are in season now and I made a great peach pie for the fourth of July which I mentioned to my dad. He told me to hang on to the recipe because he’s coming in August and he loves peach pie. The problem is they will no longer be in season when he comes.

Lucky for him, my mother sent me twenty thousand zip lock bags in every size as they don’t have them here and they sure some in handy. I went out and picked a huge bowl of peaches, skinned ’em, sliced ’em and froze them with the intention of making him the pie when he comes.

So…Bruno and Adriana get back from Russia and what’s the first thing Adriana does? Check out what’s going on in the freezer of course! We weren’t home at the time she made the discovery of the sealed bag of sliced peaches, so she called her sister who didn’t know anything about it and then called her daughter who also pleaded ignorance.

I walk through the kitchen on my way out to dinner and my MIL stops me. Kati, those peaches you have in the refridgerator…who closed them? I stand there as confused as you are reading this. What? She repeats the question. I clarify, the peaches in the freezer? The freezer, yes-who closed the bag? I’m thinking what the heck is she trying to ask me?? Who closed the bag? I did. Did I leave the freezer door open or something? No, she says, I just want to know how you closed the bag.

Now I’m thinking maybe I’m just not understanding, what the heck is she on about and then I realize…..she’s never seen a zip lock bag before. She saw the bag and started making phone calls to discover who vacuum sucked an ordinary plastic bag of peaches for me since I do not own such a device. Since her investigation turned up nothing in my absence, she was forced to confront me about the mysterious sealed plastic bag of fruit in one of the three ginormous freezers they have.

I go upstairs and return with a zip lock sandwich bag and explain to her how it works. How my mom paid about $25 to ship us these bags and how we paid another chunk of change to receive what my husband incredulously refered to as “plastic bags, are you kidding me??”     

I’m glad I have them and I’m sure my dad will be thankful when he tries the pie. In the mean time, I’ve enjoyed another little Italian-American cultural exchange.



In a food processor mix:

2  2/3 C. flour ,2T sugar, 3/4 t salt, 1 stick butter, 1 stick margarine, ice water.

(you have to eye the water I used maybe a 1/4 c. Go slow, you can always add more) Process the dough, then turn it out onto a floured surface and knead it a bit. Divide into two balls, plastic wrap them and put them in the fridge at least a half an hour.

Filling. Minimum of 8 large ripe but firm peaches skinned and sliced. Again here you have to go by eye, how big is your pie tin. I used a lot more than 8 peaches.  1/2c white sugar 1/4c brown sugar, juice of one lemon, 1/4c flour, 1t cinnamon, a little nutmeg, 1 1/2T butter thinly sliced. Mix above mentioned ingredients

Roll out pie dough on floured surface, line pie tin. Add filling, roll out other ball of dough and cover the pie. Poke with a fork all over the top to let steam escape. In a small bowl, mix one beaten egg yolk and 2T water. Brush pie with this egg wash. Sprinkle wet pie with a handful of sugar. Bake 375 about 40 minutes or until the crust is a nice golden brown. Serve with ice cream. If you serve it hot, it will be oozy. Let it sit a while and it will solidify.

Your welcome.